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Local courier and logistic services in the Philippines

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Local news and current updates in the Philippines.

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Want to meet someone in the Philippines? then this is the right place to meet people that might be interest you.

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Recommended interesting places to go in the Philippines

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Searching for hosting to upload your website and have the online presence in the net? section is right for you.

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2GO Group

Posted in on 4-7-18

2GO Group Inc. is the largest, premier logistics provider in the Philippines. The group owns and operates successful brands such as 2GO Travel, 2GO Freight, 2GO Express, and 2GO Logistics,...

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News5 Philippines

Posted in on 4-7-18

News5 is at the forefront of digital journalism in the Philippines, becoming the first 24/7 news channel online. It is also the first to publish its news program to social media platforms;...

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